Development & Zoning Process

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Zoning permits allow minor structures to be constructed using a simplified approval procedure for items such as commercial real estate and construction signs, temporary signs (banners and yard signs), fences, sheds and other structures like pergolas and gazebos with a floor area of 200 sq. ft. or less.

Conditional Use Permits establish specific design standards and restrictions on the operation of a use to mitigate these potential adverse effects and provides a regulatory mechanism to ensure compliance with established design standards and conditions.

Planned Districts are intended to provide the developer greater flexibility that that allowed by the Zoning Code, while allowing the City to retain control over the design and development within a unified development of land under a single plan.

Zoning Map & Text Amendments include both revisions to regulations contained in the Zoning Code and the Zoning District in which a parcel of land is within.

Land Subdivision involves the division or re-division of land into lots, tracts, sites, or parcels, and the adjustment of boundaries between lots or parcels.

Board of Adjustment appeals allow a petitioner to request a variance from city ordinances in some circumstances when a proposed use or development does not meet the standards for land use established in the Zoning Code.