Land Subdivision

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The Subdivision Code is the Maryland Heights ordinance that controls and regulates the subdivision of land within the city. The purposes of these regulations are to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of the city by regulating the division and redivision of land; to lessen congestion in streets and highways; to further the orderly development and appropriate use of land; to establish accurate records of land subdivisions; to protect land title; to implement the comprehensive plan; to secure safety from fire and other dangers; to facilitate adequately coordinated provision of transportation, water, sewerage, schools, parks, playgrounds, and other public requirements; to facilitate the further division of larger tracts into smaller parcels of land; to preserve natural features such as stands of trees, streams, significant rock formations, and historical landmarks; and, in general, to facilitate the orderly coordinated, efficient, and economic development of the city.


As an initial step in the process, applicants are encouraged to meet with the City Planner to review the informational requirements, overall process, and schedule.  This meeting is designed to provide a clear understanding of the process and provide direction of the most efficient approach to getting the subdivision plan approved.  To schedule a pre-application conference, contact Planning Asisstant Connie Maness at (314) 738-2230.

Each step in the subdivision process requires an application to be filed together with the specified information and required fees, as follows:

Special procedures include: