Condominium Plats

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The purpose of this section is to provide a procedure for the orderly development of a condominium subdivision as permitted by Chapter 448 of Missouri Revised Statutes.

1. Procedure.

a. A preliminary plat shall be prepared and approved in accordance with Article 3 of the subdivision regulations. The plat survey shall be tied to the Missouri Coordinate System 1983 in accordance with the current Missouri Minimum Standards for Property Surveys, and the coordinates of the exterior corner shall be shown on the plat. The coordinate system setup shall be:

i. Projection—State Plane Coordinate System;

ii. Zone—Missouri East (Zone Number 2401);

iii. Datum—North American 1927, North American 1983, or North American 1983 HARN.

In addition to the information required for a preliminary plat, the following shall be depicted: Locations of proposed buildings, proposed property divisions within proposed buildings, the means of ingress and egress to the development, proposed easements and proposals with respect to trust indentures and public dedications.

b. Improvement plans shall be submitted and approved as set forth in Article 4, including installing or guaranteeing improvements.

c. A condominium plat which is in conformance with Chapter 448 of Missouri Revised Statutes shall be submitted for review by the city planner. If the administrator finds that the condominium plat is in conformance with the preliminary plan he shall approve it prior to its recording with the recorder of deeds of St. Louis County.

d. Upon recording, the subdivider shall file with the city planner, one (1) copy of the recorded plat showing the book and page.

e. Two (2) disks containing digitized version of the plat shall be submitted along with a printed copy. Acceptable data formats include AutoCAD (.dwg or.dxf), MicroStation Design File (.dgn), ArcInfo Coverage, ArcView Shape File (.shp), or MapInfo.

2. The fee for a condominium plat is $150 plus a deposit of $100. Said deposit shall be refunded once a copy of the recorded plat is returned to the Department of Community Development (electronic copy preferred).