Land Subdivision

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Display Plat

After receiving approval of a preliminary plat by the City Council, a developer may submit a display plat to the City Planner for review and approval. The display plat procedure allows the construction of a display house or multiple-family display unit to begin prior to the recording of the record subdivision plat. 

Required Information:

1.    The display plat shall include a complete outboundary survey of the proposed subdivisions, and location of each display in relation to proposed lots. Said survey shall be tied to the Missouri Coordinate System in accordance with the current Missouri Minimum Standards for Property Surveys, and the coordinates of the exterior corner shall be shown on the plat. The coordinate system setup shall be:

i. Projection—State Plane Coordinate System;
ii. Zone—Missouri East (Zone Number 2401);
iii. Datum—North American 1927, North American 1983, or North American 1983 HARN.

2.    The script shall comply with the requirements of the city planner, including, but not limited to, the following:

a. The display plat shall be recorded in the office of the St. Louis County recorder of deeds prior to issuance of a building permit for any display;

b. The display plat shall become null and void upon the recording of a record plat which establishes that each display is on an approved lot;

c. No part of the proposed subdivision may be conveyed, nor an occupancy permit issued for any structure therein until the display house or units have been located on an approved lot.

d. If initial construction of a display has not commenced within sixty (60) days, the city planner's approval shall lapse and the display plat shall be null and void.

e. Display units shall be on an approved lot of record within one (1) year of the approval of the preliminary plan or such longer period as may be approved by the city council. If the record plat is not filed, the then-owner shall remove or cause to be removed all display houses or units from property. Failure of the owner to remove display houses or units from the property within one (l) year plus thirty (30) days of the date of approval shall constitute the granting of authority of the city to remove or cause the display houses or units to be removed, the cost of which shall be borne by the owner and shall become a lien against the property.

f. Two (2) disks containing a digitized version of the plat shall be submitted along with a printed copy. Acceptable data formats include AutoCAD (.dwg or.dxf), MicroStation Design File (.dgn), ArcInfo  

3.    The fee for a display plat is $150 plus a deposit of $100. Said deposit shall be refunded once a copy of the recorded plat is returned to the Department of Community Development (electronic copy preferred).

Contact Planning Assistant Connie Maness at (314) 738-2230 for intructions on how to apply for a display plat.