Minor Subdivisions

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1. A subdivision shall be considered a minor subdivision if the division of land does not establish more than two (2) lots inclusive of the original lot, wherein all the following criteria are met:

a. The use of any special procedure of the zoning ordinance shall disqualify the proposed subdivision from consideration as a minor subdivision.

b. That the proposed subdivision of land does not include a provision for common land or recreational facilities.

c. That the proposed subdivision of land does not adversely affect, as determined by the city planner, the development of the parcel proposed for subdivision as well as the adjoining property.

d. That the proposed subdivision will not result in commercial or industrial development as defined in the zoning code.

e. That the proposed subdivision of land is not in conflict with any provisions of the zoning code or this chapter.

f. That where a minor subdivision is proposed, fronting on an existing city maintained road that has less than a fifty-foot wide right-of-way, is designated as a collector road in the city's comprehensive plan or is proposed for widening as determined by the city engineer, all required lands for the widening shall be dedicated to the city.

g. That the proposed subdivision does not include any lot created through the application of the minor subdivision process.

2. Minor subdivisions shall not require improvements within the public right-of-way, including, but not limited to, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and streetlights but roadside drainage must be provided and approved by the city engineer.

3. The city planner may waive, without a variance request, the requirement of submission of all other plans except the record subdivision plat. However, in such cases, pertinent data as required by the division of planning and zoning and set forth in Article 3, Submission and Review of a Preliminary Plat, shall be submitted for review.

4. If the requirement of submission of all other plans except the record subdivision plat has not been waived, the developer shall prepare and submit to the city planner such number of copies of a preliminary plat of tract as required by Article 3, Submission and Review of a Preliminary Plat.

5. All requirements of Article 5, Record Plats, shall be required prior to approval of any minor subdivision.

6. The plat survey shall be tied to the Missouri Coordinate System in accordance with the current Missouri Minimum Standards for Property Surveys, and the coordinates of the exterior corner shall be shown on the plat. The coordinate system setup shall be:

a. Projection—State Plane Coordinate System;

b. Zone—Missouri East (Zone Number 2401);

c. Datum—North American 1927, North American 1983, or North American 1983 HARN.

7. Two (2) disks containing a digitized version of the plat shall be submitted along with a printed copy. Acceptable data formats include AutoCAD (.dwg or.dxf), MicroStation Design File (.dgn), ArcInfo Coverage, ArcView Shape File (.shp), or MapInfo.

8. The fee for a minor subdivision is $150 plus a deposit of $100. Said deposit shall be refunded once a copy of the recorded plat is returned to the Department of Community Development (electronic copy preferred).