Land Subdivision

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Preliminary Plan

Subsequent to the pre-application conference, the applicant submits a completed application with all required information.  Upon determination by the City Planner that the plan complies with the information requirements of the subdivision code, the application will be placed on the Planning Commission agenda for review and recommendation to the City Council. Although presented at a public meeting, no public hearing is required.  The preliminary subdivision plan is then submitted to the City Council for approval.


Required Information

    1. A completed application.
    2. Four (4) copies of a preliminary plan that is any scale from one (1) inch equals twenty (20) feet through one (1) inch equals one hundred (100) feet, so long as the scale is an increment of ten (10) feet.
    3. All information required in a sketch plan.
    4. The name proposed for the tract or such part thereof as is proposed to be subdivided, which shall be original and not a duplication of the name of any previously recorded subdivision or development in St. Louis County. The developer shall include a certification from the recorder of deeds to this effect.
    5. The date of plan submission to the city and the names and addresses of the record owner or owners of the tract, the party who prepared the plan, the party for whom the plan was prepared and the engineer and land surveyor who will design improvements for and survey the tract or such part thereof as is proposed to be subdivided.
    6. The approximate area of the tract stated in tenths (0.1) of an acre.
    7. Sufficient existing and proposed contour data in five (5) foot increments to indicate the slope and drainage of the tract and the high and low points thereof. Contour data shall extend one hundred and fifty (150) feet beyond the limits of the subdivision boundaries. U.S.G.S. data is required.
    8. The location of existing and proposed property lines, watercourses, sinkholes, wetlands, areas within the tract subject to inundation by stormwater, railroad rights-of-way, bridges, culverts, storm sewers, easements of record, existing buildings including use or other identified improvements that are to remain, and significant natural features such as wooded areas and rock formations.
    9. The location of existing and proposed streets including additional right-of-way along existing streets as required.
    10. The results of any tests made to ascertain subsurface rock and soil conditions and the water table.
    11. The zoning district, including delineation of F.E.M.A. designated floodplain and floodway boundaries, if any, and the township, range, section and U.S. survey, school district, fire district, and other special districts in which the tract is located.
    12. Any proposed alteration, adjustment, or change in the elevation or topography of any floodplain or floodway as shown on the F.E.M.A. flood boundary and floodway maps.
    13. Approximate area in square feet of minimum and maximum size of lots, if less than one (1) acre in area; and in acres and tenths of acres if one (1) acre or more in area, into which the tract is proposed to be subdivided.
    14. Approximate location of existing and proposed sidewalks and pedestrian walkways.
    15. Proposed building lines and setback requirements.
    16. Proposed type of treatment or method of sewage disposal to include name of trunk line, lateral or qualified sewage treatment system, where applicable.
    17. Proposed source of potable water.
    18. Proposed landscaping plan prepared in accordance with section 25-19 of the zoning code.
    19. If the developer intends to subdivide any portion of the tract into a multiple dwelling unit subdivision or a subdivision developed under the planned development section of the zoning code then the preliminary plan shall include the gross square feet of the tract, the square feet of streets, the net area of the tract, the maximum number of units allowed, the maximum number of units proposed, the parking ratio (parking spaces to dwelling units) and the distance between structures.
    20. Certification by the land surveyor or engineer who prepared the plan that the plan is a correct representation of all existing and proposed land divisions.
    21. Submission of applicable fire district comments prior to preliminary plan approval.
    22. Development of parcels within the floodplain shall require approval of a floodplain study completed by an engineer.
    23. Preliminary plat fee of $150.