Land Subdivision

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Record Plat

Following preliminary plat and improvement plan approval, the applicant may submit a completed application with all required information for record plat review. The record plat requires the approval of the City Council based on the recommendation of the City Planner and the City Engineer. The City Planner and the City Engineer must find that the record plat is in substantial conformance to the preliminary plat prior to placement of the record plat on the City Council agenda.

Upon approval by the City Council, the record plat must be filed with the St. Louis County Recorded of Deeds. The developer must have the record plat approved and recorded within one year from the date that the preliminary plat was approved. If the record plat is not approved by Council and filed with the St. Louis County Recorded of Deeds within one year, both the preliminary and record plat approval will expire.

Required Information

  1. A completed application.
  2. North arrow and graphic scale.
  3. Boundary lines within the outboundary lines of the subdivision with accurate distances and bearings; also all section, U.S. Survey, township and range lines; boundary lines of municipalities, sewer, schools, and other legally established districts with the name of or description of any of the same adjacent to or abutting on the subdivision.
  4. The lines of all proposed streets and alleys with their widths and names.
  5. An accurate delineation of any property offered for dedication to public use.
  6. The line departure of one street from another.
  7. The boundary lines of all adjoining lands and the right-of-way lines of adjacent streets and alleys with their widths and names.
  8. All lot lines and an identification system for all lots and blocks.
  9. Building lines, including minimum side and rear yard setbacks on each lot and easements or rights-of-way provided for public or private use, services, or utilities, with figures showing their dimensions, and listing types of uses that are being provided.
  10. All dimensions and bearings, both linear and angular, radii and arcs, necessary for locating the boundaries of the subdivision, blocks, lots, streets, alleys, easements, building lines, and of any other areas for public or private use. The linear dimensions are to be expressed in feet and decimals of a foot.
  11. All survey monuments, together with their descriptions.
  12. Area in square feet for each lot or parcel on the plat or a supplemental sheet showing same.
  13. Name of subdivision and descriptions of property subdivided, showing its location and area.
  14. Certification by the land surveyor who performs the property survey to the effect that the plat represents a survey made by him and that it is tied to the Missouri Coordinate System in accordance with the current Missouri Minimum Standards for Property Boundary Surveys, and the coordinates of the exterior corners shall be shown on the plat. The coordinate system setup shall be:
    1. Projection--State Plane Coordinate System;
    2. Zone--Missouri East (Zone Number 2401); 
    3. Datum--North American 1927, North American 1983, or North American 1983 HARN.
  15. Said plat must contain the locations of all required survey monuments, installed or to be installed. Also, month and year during which the survey was made.
  16. Private restrictions and trusteeships where required by ordinance and their periods of existence. Should such restrictions and trusteeships be of such length as to make lettering of same on the plat impracticable, thus necessitating preparation of a separate instrument, reference to such instrument shall be made on the plat.
  17. Subdivision names approved on the record plat shall constitute a subdivision's official name. When a subdivision name has been changed, all subsequent plats submitted for processing shall reference the original name, which should include names recorded on-site development plans. Any other name used for advertising or sales purposes does not constitute an official revised name unless approved on a plat of record approved by the council.
  18. If developer places restrictions on any land contained in the subdivision that is greater than those required by the zoning code, or these regulations such restrictions or references thereto should be indicated on the plat.
  19. Zoning district and zoning district boundary line when property is located in more than one (1) district, or planned district and ordinance number, or date of ordinance when applicable.
  20. Cumulatively, all record plats shall contain enough common land to support the lots platted. All remaining common ground is to be platted with the recording of the final lot, unit or phase of the development.
  21. Two (2) disks containing a digitized version of the plat shall be submitted along with a printed copy. Acceptable data formats include AutoCAD (.dwg or.dxf), MicroStation Design File (.dgn), ArcInfo Coverage, ArcView Shape File (.shp), or MapInfo.
  22. The following items shall be submitted with and included as part of the record subdivision plat:
    1. Guarantee of installation of water mains or supply of potable water. 
    2. Street lighting contract from Union Electric--Submittal of contract is optional and is to be accepted in lieu of an increase value for escrow of actual construction costs. 
    3. Verification of street names and addresses from U.S. postal service--Customer services department. 
    4. Verification of location of fire hydrants and adequacy of water supply from applicable fire district. 
    5. Tax certificate or copy of paid tax bill from the office of the St. Louis County collector of revenue. 
    6. Verification of payment of all inspection fees, where applicable. 
    7. Subdivision processing fees of $300 plus a deposit of $100. Said deposit shall be refunded once a copy of the recorded plat is returned to the Department of Community Development (electronic copy preferred).
    8. Any special study or engineering calculations required. 
    9. Trust indenture and warranty deed for common land conveyance, accompanied by a letter of compliance from an attorney. 
    10. Letter from M.S.D. certifying connection fees have been paid. 
    11. Certification of proper placement of all outboundary survey monuments from a land surveyor. 
    12. Certificate of clear title--The record plat shall be accompanied by a statement prepared by a duly authorized title company stating that the signatures of all persons whose consent is necessary to the preparation and recording of said plat and to the dedication of the streets and other public place are clearly shown on the plat.