Land Subdivision

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Sketch Plan

This is optional, but important step in the subdivision process, especially if the subdivision intended to create a large number of residential, commercial, or industrial lots. Requesting sketch plan review allows the planning staff to provide input on the merits and feasibility of subdivision early in the process. A sketch plan is required to show the following information as set forth in the subdivision regulations: 

  1. The location of the tract in relation to the surrounding area. 
  2. The approximate location of all existing structures within the tract proposed to be retained and wooded areas within the tract and within one hundred (100) feet thereof. 
  3. The names of the owners of all property adjoining the tract as disclosed by the most recent assessor's record. 
  4. All existing streets, roads, and approximate location of wet and dry weather watercourses, floodplain areas, sinkholes, wetlands, and other significant physical features within the tract and within one hundred fifty (150) feet thereof. 
  5. Approximate location of proposed streets and property lines. 
  6. A rough sketch of the proposed site plan. 
  7. A north arrow and scale. 
  8. Direction of and approximate distance to nearest existing major street intersection.

There is no formal approval of a sketch plan as it is intended to be a regulatory guidance tool. However, the City Planner will prepare a review letter outlining layout and/or street design issues, required improvements, and dedications, and the next steps in the process.