Land Subdivision

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Subdivision Improvement Plans

Once the City Council approves the preliminary subdivision plat, the applicant may submit a completed application with all required information for subdivision improvement plans review. Subdivision improvement plans detail the construction and types of materials to be used in conjunction with the development of a subdivision. City staff and applicable outside agencies review subdivision improvement plans for conformance with the requirements of the Subdivision Code and agency regulations. Approval of subdivision improvement plans is the purview of city staff and the applicable agencies.

Required Information

  1. A completed application.
  2. Title page, which shall include a key map showing the relationship of the area to be subdivided to the tract and which shall reflect areas of the tract previously subdivided plus adjacent streets. In addition, the name, address, and telephone number of the developer and engineering firm, as well as an engineer's seal and signature.
  3. North arrow and graphic scale on each plan sheet.
  4. One or more benchmarks, in or near the subdivision, to which the subdivision is referenced. The identity and elevation shall be based on U.S.G.S. data. Site benchmark shall be tied into an approved benchmark.
  5. List of the standards and specifications followed, citing volume, section, page, or other references.
  6. Grading and paving details conforming to city standard specifications and requirements.
  7. Details of streets including: location and width of all proposed public or private rights-of-way and private roadway easements, existing and proposed sanitary sewers, drainage channels, swales, storm sewers, including adequate natural discharge points, detention facilities.
  8. The developer shall submit an erosion (siltation control plan for the entire site development and all interim phasing. The plan shall indicate the location and type of facilities proposed. No grading operations shall be commenced prior to approval of the plan. The city engineer may require modification or additions to the plan should proposed measures not adequately control erosion and siltation. The developer shall maintain all facilities until improvements are accepted.
  9. Plans and profiles shall be at a scale of not less than one (1) inch equals fifty (50) feet horizontal and one (1) inch equals ten (10) feet vertical.
  10. If the required scale does not permit the entire development to be shown on one (1) plan sheet, an additional sheet shall be added showing the entire development at the largest scale possible.
  11. Landscaping plan prepared in accordance with section 25-19 of the zoning code.
  12. The review fee for subdivision improvement plans is $45 per hour or any fraction of an hour. A deposit of not less than $225 shall be paid at the time the plans are submitted for review.