Zoning Code Text Amendments

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Pre-Application Conference

Any company, organization, governmental body or individual with a financial, contractual, or proprietary interest in property which would be affected by the proposed amendment may propose a Zoning Code text amendment. However, their request must first be heard by the City Planner at a pre-application conference. If the City Planner finds that the requested amendment is appropriate, the amendment will be advocated by the City Planner before the Planning Commission. Upon a negative finding, the applicant must submit a letter to, and appear before, the Planning Commission to make their case.


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The fee for a Zoning Code text amendment is $500.

Public Notification

In order to schedule a public hearing, proper public notification is required. The city produces a public notice which includes the date, time, and location of the public hearing, and a description of the requested amendment, which shall be used for notification and publication. The city publishes the notice of public hearing in the newspaper not less than 15 days and not more than 30 days prior to the hearing and obtains proof of such publication.

Public Hearing

The City Planner presents the proposed amendment to the Planning Commission. The Commission may then ask questions or take public comment.

City Planner Review and Findings

Prior to the hearing, or within 30 days following the hearing, the City Planner prepares a report. The report includes a description of the proposed amendment and findings on the burden of proof criteria.

Planning Commission Action

Within 60 days of receipt of the City Planner’s report, the Planning Commission will take action on the Zoning Map Amendment. The Planning Commission may recommend approval of the Zoning Map amendment or may deny the Zoning Map amendment. If the Planning Commission recommends approval, the City Planner shall prepare the appropriate legislation for consideration by the City Council. If the Planning Commission denies the Conditional Use Permit, the applicant has the option of appealing to the City Council within 10 days of the Commission’s decision.

City Council Action

The recommendation of the Planning Commission shall be placed on the next available Council agenda, unless the applicant requests the matter to be deferred to another agenda. The City Council may approve the Zoning Map amendment by a majority vote, approve the amendment with amendments by a two-third majority vote, or deny the request.