Aquaport Policies

  • To qualify for a resident discount, residents must obtain a Maryland Heights Resident ID card from the Maryland Heights Centre.
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult (18+).
  • Swimmers with infectious conditions or contagious diseases will not be allowed admission.
  • All diaper-aged children are required to wear swim diapers or plastic pants. Swim diapers are available within the park.
  • No tobacco products are allowed inside the park.
  • Management exercises the right to take action on circumstances proven to be in the best interest of the public.
  • Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • No nerf ball, beach balls, rafts, etc. are allowed
  • All flotation devices must be coast guard approved. No flotation devices may be worn on slides.
  • Food purchases from concessions must be kept in the concession area.
  • No outside food or drink may be brought into the park (coolers).
  • Non-swimmers or weak swimmers should wear coast guard approved flotation devices.
  • No swimming is allowed in the Lazy River. Guests must be on inner tubes at all times.
  • The City of Maryland Heights is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Ratio of 1 swimming adult for every 8 children must be met.
  • Appropriate swim attire must be worn at all times.

Rain Check Policy
In the event of threatening weather or cool temperatures (below 75 air degrees), the pool will be closed until management determines it is safe to reopen the pool. The management may close the facility at their discretion.

Rain check policy: Upon paid entrance, you will receive a printed receipt with time stamp. If the pool is closed for the day within 60 minutes of arrival time, you may exchange your receipt for a rain check, which may be used within the next 10 calendar days. Please take your receipt to the cashier for validation. Management is not responsible for lost or stolen receipts.


Bridgeton & Creve Coeur Exchange
An agreement between Maryland Heights, Creve Coeur and Bridgeton will allow families in any of the three cities to use municipal golf and water park facilities at resident rates. Bridgeton residents and Maryland Heights residents may also receive resident rates on programs at either's facility (excluding summer camp). Bridgeton residents may use Dogport for resident rates.

The exchange program lets Maryland Heights residents play at Bridgeton’s Berry Hill Golf Course, outdoor swimming pool and indoor swimming pool at resident rates, and allows Bridgeton and Creve Coeur residents to swim at Maryland Heights’ Aquaport at resident rates.

The City of Creve Coeur’s agreement is only applicable on their golf course from May 15 through September 15. However, Maryland Heights residents can use the Creve Coeur ice rink year-round at resident rates.

Residents of all three municipalities must have a valid City ID issued by their respective city government in order to take advantage of this agreement. For more information, contact the Maryland Heights Parks and Recreation Department at (314) 738 - 2599.

This does not include programs.






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