Emergency Calls: 911

Non-Emergency Calls: (314) 298-8700

Record Room Calls:  (314) 298-8706

The mission of the Maryland Heights Police Department is to provide a safe environment and high quality of life to the people who live in, work in, visit or pass through our city.

Within the Police Department are the following divisions and programs:

Basic Patrol
Responsible for around-the-clock protection of the city, providing traffic enforcement, bicycle patrol, investigation, crime scene processing and response to crimes in progress.   

Traffic Enforcement
Conducts enforcement activities, citizen education and traffic accident investigations.                                    

Community Response Unit
Focuses on identifying threats and problems to businesses and residents through the integration of information, investigation and the use of technical equipment to enhance day-to-day policing activities.                          

K-9 Unit
Enhances the department's operations in drug detection and missing person searches.

The Detective Bureau is responsible for investigation and follow-up of all crime reports generated by patrol services. The bureau is also responsible for prisoner transport, warrant service, narcotic and vice enforcement, background investigations and all major case work. The bureau is also responsible for evidence processing, juvenile case management and working with the St. Louis Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force.                                     

The communications team operates the 24-hour dispatch center, which receives and processes all emergency calls and calls for service.        

Community Relations
This division handles crime prevention and citizen education programs. It also includes School Resource Officers at local high schools and Reserve Officers used to supplement patrol services and assist at special events.        

Maintains police reports, booking sheets and other information and handles fingerprint application processing.

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