The City Council is the legislative branch of city government. The council carries out a variety of functions, such as adopting the city's budget and ordinances, approving contracts and agreements and establishing the strategic plan and policies that guide the city government. Presiding over City Council meetings, the Mayor is elected to a four year term. Council members represent their constituents' interests before the city government. Council posts are non-partisan, and terms are two years. Two councilpersons are elected from each of four wards for overlapping terms.

 City Council Mayor 
Mike Moeller
11923 Wooded Valley Court
(314) 878-6730



City Council City Council City Council City Council

Ward One
Ken Gold
1710 Pheasant Run Dr.
(314) 434-2543

Ward One
Don Hunt
66 Garden Ln.
(314) 878-8579

Ward Two
Kim Baker
2023 Rule Ave.
(314) 275-4954

Ward Two
Ed Dirck, Jr.
2017 Rule Ave.
(314) 878-9001

City Council City Council  City Council  City Council 

Ward Three
Chuck Caverly
2381 Meadowpark Ct.
 (314) 566-0424

Ward Three
Michael Hachmeister
11927 Barbara Dr.
(314) 291-4236

Ward Four
Jim Carver
2637 Glenoak Dr.
(314) 291-8958

Ward Four
Norm Rhea
12018 Glenoak Dr.
(314) 739-0096

Date The first and third Thursday of every month
Time 7 p.m.
Place Council meetings are held in the Council Chamber at the Government Center, 11911 Dorsett Road.

If you have a suggestion, want to make a complaint or express an opinion during the Council
meeting, call (314) 291-6550 for more information.

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