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Anderson, CraigCode Enforcement OfficerCommunity Development314-738-2245 Email
Baber, CliffConstruction ManagerPublic Works(314) 738-2258 Email
Bishir, DanPlans ExaminerCommunity Development(314) 738-2244 Email
Blanchard, TomPlannerCommunity Development314-738-2234 Email
Brazzle, ChrisAccounting ClerkFinance(314) 738-2222 Email
Buettner, DianneExecutive AssistantAdministration(314) 738-2205 Email
Carson, Chief WilliamChief of PolicePolice(314) 738-2300 Email
Collier, JudieCustomer Service RepresentativeCommunity Development314-291-6550 Email
Cova, JoAnnCity ClerkAdministrative User Department(314) 738-2211 Email
Croci, Susan Accountant Parks & Recreation(314) 738-2599 Email
De Roy, KarenExecutive AssistantPublic Works(314) 738-2253 Email
Delia, Lt. MattCommunity Response Unit, D Platoon CommanderPolice(314) 738-2315 Email
Delia, Maj. JosephDeputy Chief of PolicePolice(314) 738-2303 Email
DiGerolamo, RJRecreation AssistantParks & Recreation(314)738-2548 Email
Disinger, AnnInspectorCommunity Development(314) 738-2242 Email
Durfee, GerryCourt Administrator Municipal Court(314) 291-6036
Eagan, Lt. JosephBureau of Field Operations, A Platoon CommanderPolice(314) 738-2322 Email
Edmond, BryanInspectorCommunity Development(314) 738-2248 Email
Fedak, Officer MarkCommunity Relations OfficerPolice(314) 738-2383 Email
Garlock, PaulBuilding CommissionerCommunity Development314-738-2241 Email
Gay, AliciaExecutive AssistantParks & Recreation(314)738-2599 Email
Gerling, Tiffany Municipal Court ClerkMunicipal Court(314) 291-6036 Email
Gooch, Capt. RexSupport Services and Professional Standards, CommanderPolice(314) 738-2318 Email
Hamilton, DeborahHuman Resources ManagerAdministration(314) 738-2202 Email
Hathorn, DianneSecretaryAdministrative User Department(314) 738-2214 Email
Hedgpeth, Kim Assistant Director of Parks and RecreationParks & Recreation(314) 738-2599 Email
Herman, MeganSocial Services CoordinatorParks & Recreation314-738-2552 Email
Hunter, JoeEngineering Technician IIPublic Works(314) 738-2256 Email
Internet, VisionCMS Developer (310) 123-1234 Email
Jamieson, Mary BethAdministrative AssistantPublic Works(314) 738-2278 Email
Klos, Capt. MichaelBureau of Investigations, CommanderPolice(314) 738-2316 Email
Knock, AdamBuilding InspectorCommunity Development314-738-2246 Email
Krypciak, JoeEngineer IIPublic Works(314) 738-2254 Email
Laird, JoePublic Works Inspector IPublic Works(314) 738-2260 Email
Lee, JeremySupervisor of Police Communications Police(314) 738-2305 Email
Loos, L. G.Engineering ManagerPublic Works(314) 738-2252 Email
Macaluso, GabrielleCommunications ManagerAdministration314-738-2204 Email
Malawy, CathyAssistant Director of FinanceFinance(314) 738-2223 Email
Maness, ConniePlanning AssistantCommunity Development(314) 738-2230 Email
Manselle, Theresa Executive AssistantPolice(314) 738-2300 Email
Martin, DianeAdministrative AssistantPublic Works(314) 738-2259 Email
Matz, JohnCode Enforcement OfficerCommunity Development3147382249 Email
McClanahan, MikeCode Enforcement OfficerCommunity Development(314) 738-2268 Email
McGrath, MattProject ManagerPublic Works(314) 738-2257 Email
McKay, JeanAccounting ClerkFinance(314) 738-2221 Email
Moore, JosephDeputy Building Commissioner & Certified Floodplain ManagerCommunity Development(314) 738-2243 Email
Morche, GeorgeBuildings and Grounds Manager Parks & Recreation(314) 738-2599 Email
Mormino-Berry, LaraCode Enforcement OfficerCommunity Development(314) 738-2247 Email
Nix, KathyFacility Rental Coordinator Parks & Recreation(314) 738-2599 Email
Noack, RickPublic Works Inspector IPublic Works(314) 738-2262 Email
Oldroyd, J. WayneDirector of Community DevelopmentCommunity Development(314) 738-2231 Email
Otto, AmandaLicensing ClerkAdministrative User Department(314) 738-2212 Email
Pearl, BryanDirector of Public WorksPublic Works(314) 738-2253 Email
Perkins, HilaryPlannerCommunity Development(314) 738-2233 Email
Pruett, Sgt. MarkSupport Services SupervisorPolice(314) 738-2314 Email
Ramirez, EilienRecreation Facility ManagerParks & Recreation(314) 738-2599 Email
Ransom, EmeryDeputy City ClerkAdministrative User Department(314) 738-2213 Email
Reader, GailData Systems ManagerFinance(314) 738-2227 Email
Schenck, SteveOperations ManagerPublic Works(314) 738-2277 Email
Simpson, KrisAssistant to the City AdministratorAdministration(314) 738-2203 Email
Turner, KristenCustomer Service RepresentativeCommunity Development(314)291-6550 Email
Van Dyke, JenniferRecreation SpecialistParks & Recreation(314) 738-2599 Email
Vasileva, Violeta Municipal Court ClerkMunicipal Court(314) 291-6036 Email
Vaughan, Mary Director of Parks and RecreationParks & Recreation(314) 738-2599 Email
Wagner, AndyGIS CoordinatorFinance(314) 738-2224 Email
Warren, MarianneMunicipal Court ClerkMunicipal Court(314) 291-6036 Email
Watson, DavidDirector of Finance and Interim City AdministratorFinance(314) 738-2220 Email
Weingart, Capt. GilBureau of Field Operations, C Platoon CommanderPolice(314) 738-2317 Email
Whitaker, TraceyRecreation SpecialistParks & Recreation(314)738-2599 Email
White, AlyssaAdministrative AssistantCommunity Development(314) 738-2240 Email
Will, Capt. ScottBureau of Field Operations, B Platoon CommanderPolice(314) 738-2319 Email
Williams, PatrickCode Enforcement OfficerCommunity Development314-738-2267 Email
Wright, DebbieEngineer IIPublic Works(314) 738-2255 Email
Zeek, MichaelCity PlannerCommunity Development(314) 738-2232 Email