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Tips for Using Online Forms Can Improve Problem-Solving Process
Posted Date: 1/28/2013

If you’ve ever reported a pothole, streetlight outage or other problem to the city, you may have used our online Fix-It Form or Police Tips Form. We receive dozens of submissions every month, and for the most part, the forms are an excellent tool for citizens to inform staff about issues in the community. However, the forms do have a few limitations.

When a resident fills out a form online and clicks “Submit,” it goes to the city’s communications division. From there, the request is forwarded to the appropriate department, where the information provided by the resident is used to investigate and attempt to address the issue.

Forms may be submitted anonymously; however, when residents choose not to provide any contact information to the city, it may hinder our ability to follow up on complaints. When possible, citizens are encouraged to leave some method of contact, such as a phone number or email address. That way, city staff can get additional information about the problem if necessary and keep the citizen informed about steps being taken to correct the issue.

Because submissions are typically handled during regular business hours, online forms are not the best way to report problems of a time-sensitive nature, such as noise ordinance violations. These are best addressed by calling the Police Department’s non-emergency line, (314) 298-8700, so an officer can investigate the problem while it is still occurring.

We appreciate the valuable information we receive from citizens through online forms. If you have suggestions for improving the process, please email us.