Please submit the following items to obtain your building permit:

  • A completed building permit application: The owner's authorization signature (on the back of the form) is required prior to issuance of your approved building permit. If the owner’s signature was not provided with your application, please ask the receptionist for an Owner’s Authorization Form. The square footage of the project and an estimated cost are also required.
  • Three copies of your plans: Once your Building Permit Application and plans have been reviewed and approved, two copies of the plans will be returned to you along with your building permit inspection card. It is the applicant's responsibility to forward the approved drawings to the applicable fire district. The plans should be legible and drawn to scale. A site plan is required to show all property lines, lot dimensions, existing and proposed improvements with distances to property lines indicated.
  • Minimum Permit Fee: A minimum permit fee is required when you submit your application. This fee pays the cost of reviewing your construction plans. Depending on square footage, scope of work and the cost of the project, additional fees may be due at the time you pick up the permit. We accept cash, check or credit card. The amount due at the time of submittal is as follows:
    • Residential Building Permits - $50
    • Sprinkler/Suppression - $100
    • New Residential Structure - $100
    • Parking Lot - $100
    • Commercial Building Permits - $200
      • For new businesses, a commercial occupancy permit and business license application must be submitted prior to occupying the structure.

The approximate review time is five business days, during which a Plan Reviewer will call to advise that your permit is ready to be picked up or if additional info is required. Providing a complete application and detailed plans and promptly responding to requests for additional information will ensure you receive your permit as quickly as possible.

Last updated: 5/12/2011 2:01:15 PM