The city requires residents to obtain a permit before installing a fence. There is no fee for the permit. To get the permit, residents need to fill out an application and submit a site plan. The site plan can be the property plat that the resident received at closing on the purchase of your property. Make a copy of the plat and with a different color pen or marker, indicate where the new fence will be installed. If you do not have a site plan, you can download an aerial map of your property and show the proposed fence line on the map.

Fence requirements:

  • Fences may not be taller than six feet.
  • Fences may not have barbed wire at the top.
  • Fences may not be in front of the front building line (must be behind the front face of the house).
  • Each street that the property faces (corner lot) is treated as a front yard. (The side yard that faces the second street is treated the same as the front of the house.)
  • The city does not dictate the direction of the structural members of the fence. (The fence can face any direction the owner wants.)

Missouri law requires that a locate request be placed before beginning any excavation. Placing a locate request is free and easy. Call (800) DIG-RITE or or place your request online at Utility companies will respond to your request and mark the approximate location of their facilities within three working days. You may then safely proceed with your excavation.

Last updated: 8/13/2015 12:12:30 PM