Property Tax Rates by District

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Residents can expect to receive their property tax bill from the St. Louis County Collector's Office in late November each year. Please note that the City of Maryland Heights is NOT involved in the assessment, billing or collection of property tax. The table below shows the tax rates for each of the taxing districts that collect property taxes from Maryland Heights residents. The tax amount in the third column is based on a home with a market value of $150,000. The rates below are based on information provided by St. Louis County. Click here for the rate database. 

Property Tax Rates by District
County-Wide Districts Tax Rate (in%)  Tax Amount (in $)
State of Missouri .0300  $8.55
St. Louis County: General   .1950  55.58
County Health Fund .1310  37.34
County Park Maintenance .0460  13.11
County Bond Retire .0190  5.42
Roads and Bridges .0980  27.93
St. Louis Community College   .2112  60.19
Special School District 1.1912  339.49
Metro Zoo Museum District .2694  76.78
County Library .2340  66.69
Sheltered Workshop .0840  23.94
Total    $715.02
 Sewer Districts  Tax Rate (in %)  Tax Amount (in $)
 MSD Extension  .1159  $33.03
 MSD  .1159  33.03
 School Districts  Tax Rate (in %)  Tax Amount (in $)
 Parkway  3.9857  $1,135.92
 Pattonville  4.8800  1,390.80
 Fire Districts  Tax Rate (in %)  Tax Amount (in $)
 Creve Coeur  1.1260  $320.91
 Maryland Heights  1.4720  419.52
 Monarch  .7630  217.46
 Pattonville  2.0640  588.24
 Local Government District   Tax Rate (in %)  Tax Amount (in $)
 City of Maryland Heights  0  $0


*County-wide districts levy a property tax on all St. Louis County property owners.

*The Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) services most of St. Louis County. Depending on your service, Maryland Heights property owners pay one of these rates.

*Maryland Heights is served by two school districts. Property owners pay one of these rates.

*Maryland Heights is served by four fire protection districts. Property owners pay one of these rates listed.

*The City of Maryland Heights levies no property tax, so this will not be on your bill. 

*Maryland Heights homeowners pay an annual $50 fee to fund our sewer lateral insurance program. This fee is on your property tax bill and is collected by St. Louis County, who then remits it to us. 

If you would like to know more about our sewer lateral insurance program or find out which school or fire protection district serves your residence, contact the City at (314) 291-6550. If you have questions about your bill or how St. Louis County determines market or assessed valuation, please call (314) 615-1500 for personal property or (314) 615-2555 for real estate property.