Recycling FAQs

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As we continue to launch our recycling program, residents have had some excellent questions about the proper way to recycle. We shared some of the most frequently asked questions with our service provider, Allied Waste, to get the official answers.

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  • Can the plastic bags inside cereal boxes be recycled?

  • Do large cardboard boxes need to be broken down, even if they'll fit in the cart?

  • If a plastic is labeled (other than #6), can it be recycled, even though it isn't listed on the flyers and literature?

  • With microwaveable dinners, can the plastic trays be recycled and the boxes be recycled?

  • If I put my recycled materials in a black plastic trash bag, will it be picked up if it's inside the recycling cart or tub?

  • To keep shredded paper from blowing all over, can it be put in plastic grocery bags or transparent plastic bags so it's obvious it contains paper?

  • Do staples have to be removed from catalogs, magazines and stapled papers?

  • Do I have to remove the plastic insert from tissue boxes?

  • Do plastic handles on cardboard litter boxes need to be removed?

  • Do metal spouts have to be removed from dishwashing detergent boxes?

  • Do pump sprayers have to be removed from spray bottles?

  • Do aseptic containers such as juice boxes need to be rinsed out?

  • Do paper labels have to be removed from cans?

  • Do the plastic caps have to be removed from bottles, jugs and gabled cartons?

  • Do sticky labels have to be removed from water bottles and milk jugs?

  • What types of containers are made of #6 plastics?