Boards & Commissions

Boards and commissions are an integral part of municipal government, offering an outlet for community members to get directly involved in the planning and operation of City activities. Appointments to these advisory bodies are made by the Mayor with the consent of the City Council. The City of Maryland Heights has a variety of roles we invite citizens to become a part of, giving their insight and guidance on the best path forwards for the city. Below are the boards and commissions that have been established by the City of Maryland Heights:        

Boards/Commissions Meeting Information

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For more information, fill out the Board/Commission Interest Form or contact the City Clerk's office at (314) 738-2211.


Beautification Commission: Promotes the aesthetics of streets, buildings, and parks of Maryland Heights. Term length of 3 years. 1 current vacancy (3/22/23)

Board of Adjustment: Hears zoning appeals and decides if variances from the Zoning Code are warranted. Term length of 5 years. No current vacancies (3/22/23)

Board of Building Code Appeals: Hears the cases of residential/commercial parties who want to contradict the City's Building Code. Applicants must be an architect, engineer, or otherwise be involved in the construction industry. Term length of 5 years. 4 current vacancies (3/22/23)

Disability Commission: Serves as an advisory team to City Council and makes recommendations for programmatic and legislative matters related to the quality of life, overall well-being, and inclusivity of residents and visitors living with disabilities. Term length of 3 years. No current vacancies (3/22/23)

Cultural Arts Commission: Promotes fine arts in Maryland Heights through sponsorship and support of fairs, festivals, concerts, shows, and other activities. Term length of 3 years. 2 current vacancies (3/22/23)

Economic Development Commission: Reviews, discusses, and recommends commercial and industrial activities that are considered beneficial to the community's economic growth. Term length of 6 years. No current vacancies (3/22/23)

Human Rights Commission: Creates equality and eliminates discriminatory policies in housing practices. Term length of 3 years. No current vacancies (3/22/23)

Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission: Aims to enhance leisure time, facilitate access to recreation facilities, and offer a balanced mixture of social, cultural, and educational opportunities to both residents and businesses. Term length of 3 years. 1 current vacancy (3/22/23)

Planning and Zoning Commission: Recommends how City land should be used. Primary functions are to prepare and adopt a Comprehensive Plan, and to review applications for land use and development. Term length of 4 years. No current vacancies (3/22/23)

Stormwater Advisory Commission: Oversees a series of projections such as erosion, bank stabilization, and localized flooding problems. Term length of 2 years. 2 current vacancies (3/22/23)

Traffic Commission: Serves as an advisory team to the City Council in matters of traffic regulations, parking restrictions, and road sign placement. Term length of 1 year. No current vacancies (3/22/23)