Vision, Mission, Core Values and Strategic Goals


Maryland Heights is a distinctive, thriving community of diversity, character and value.


We will provide superior municipal services in a safe and appealing setting in order to attract and retain residents committed to our city, thriving businesses, and premier hospitality venues.

Core Values

  • Responsibility: We will manage our financial and human resources prudently and efficiently.
  • Planning: We realize change is inevitable; it is our responsibility to prepare for it.
  • Balance: We believe consideration of the interests of residents, businesses, and visitors are important to our future.
  • Communication: We emphasize clear, timely two-way communication between the city and those we serve.
  • Equity: We treat all those receiving city services fairly and equitably.


  • Quality Housing: We will be proactive in maintaining and improving our housing stock to stabilize population and home ownership in our city.
  • Building Community: We will create connections between people and places to enhance the sense of community in our city.
  • City Services: We will strive to preserve and continually improve the level of service enjoyed by residents and businesses in our city.
  • Financial Stability: We will continue to utilize sound fiscal policies and prudent budgeting to ensure long-term stability in our city.
  • Safety: We will provide responsive, proactive and effective enforcement of laws and codes in order to maintain a safe environment for residents, businesses and visitors in our city.
  • Economic Development: We will enhance and diversify our economic base in order to maximize our commercial space and developable land, create jobs, maintain financial strength of local governmental jurisdictions serving our residents, and improve the quality and appearance of our city.
  • Creating Identity: We will enhance our identity and visual appearance in order to strengthen our position as a desirable residential community, as a major business center and as the hospitality hub of the region.

Resolution 2011-1062, Aug. 4, 2011