Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program that relies on the ACTIVE participation of residents in cooperation with local law enforcement to reduce crimes in their communities. 

We all play a role in establishing a successful Neighborhood Watch program. When residents are willing to play an active part in a neighborhood watch system, the more observant and diligent the community becomes. Neighborhood Watch will only work when people get involved and stay involved. 

Interested in establishing a Neighborhood Watch program for your area?

The Maryland Heights Neighborhood Watch Guidebook was designed to provide residents with everything they need to establish their own Neighborhood Watch. This guidebook includes information on how to start a program, logistics on planning and conducting meetings, tips on how to maintain your program, a home security checklist, various templates for flyers, invites and more! 

Maryland Heights Neighborhood Watch Guidebook
Neighborhood Watch Guide cover - Copy

Once you are ready to have your first meeting, let us know by filling out the form or contacting the Public Relations Officer at (314) 298-8700. The MHPD will keep a list of established Neighborhood Watch programs in our city and will refer residents to your program if they live nearby. 

Neighborhood Watch Form