Capital Project Update

Did you know that the City plans continuous infrastructure improvements through the Capital Improvement Program (CIP)?

The CIP is a plan for the City’s capital investments over a five (5) year period that allows the City to project all capital costs, funding and timing. Each year the CIP is reviewed by the City Council within the context of ongoing City, County and State planning, programs and policies, as well as the City’s Comprehensive Plan. In accordance with state law, the Plan Commission reviews the location, extent and character of all proposed improvements of streets and other public facilities.

Practically speaking, the CIP lets us budget and plan for continuous improvement of public property and infrastructure. Responsible planning keeps the city running.

Click Here for Project Update 4/18/2024

It is the City's goal to provide updates as the project progresses.  If you have any questions on the project, feel free to contact our staff at (314) 738-2250.

Cliff Baber, P.E.
Director of Public Works