What To Do if You Break Down on the Roadway

The winter months are extremely hard on our vehicles. Having car trouble is very stressful and frustrating and the last thing you are thinking about when you head out is breaking down on the roadway. If you do experience car troubles, the men and women of the Maryland Heights Police Department are here to assist you. 

If you do break down, following these tips will help keep the roadway open and you and your passengers safe: 

  • Turn on your emergency/hazard lights. This helps let others on the roadway know that something is wrong. 
  • If possible pull your vehicle out of the traffic lanes onto the RIGHT shoulder as soon as you can safely do so. Pulling over on to the shoulder will give anyone coming to assist you room to work safely.
  • When stepping out of your vehicle, be aware of the traffic around you. Do not stand in the traffic lanes. Staying in your vehicle is the safest place for you and your passengers.
  • DO NOT attempt to repair or change a flat tire in the middle of the traffic lane.
  • Call for assistance. If you are in Maryland Heights, you can call 314-298-8700 extension 1 and our police dispatch center will obtain information from you. If you are not within Maryland Heights, you can call *55 from your cell phone which will connect you to the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

And although we all know that vehicle trouble can and will happen, here are a few tips to help avoid breakdowns: 

  • Have your vehicle serviced on a regular basis. Have your battery, hoses, and all the fluid levels checked. 
  • Make sure you have windshield wipers that function properly. 
  • Inflate your tires to the manufacturers’ recommended pressure. Always keep a spare tire available. 
  • Educate and pass this information on to new drivers. You may have years of experience but they may not know what to do when car troubles arise. 

Be Safe!