Springtime Safety Tips

Spring is my favorite time of the year! The air starts to warm up and my favorite flower, the tulip, starts to bloom. I enjoy opening up the windows in my home and getting the stale winter air out. Driving around with the windows down and feeling the warm breeze across my face just makes me feel happy. However, with the warmer weather comes new ways for thieves to steal from us. I thought of a few safety tips that could help keep you and your belongings stay safe:

  • Keep your doors locked at all times. This is important especially when you are working or playing in your backyard.
  • Keep your garage doors closed. An open garage door is an easy way for an uninvited guest to enter and take whatever they want.
  • Close and lock all of your windows before you leave your home or go to bed. An unlocked window can easily be opened and allow someone in to burglarize your home.
  • Consider installing motion sensors or dusk to dawn lighting around your home. It helps keep unwanted visitors from “sneaking” around and it helps get you into your home safely when you arrive home after dark.
  • Put away your lawn mowers, bikes, and toys after each use. Putting these items in a locked garage or a storage shed will keep those items out of thieves’ hands and eyesight.
  • Roll up your vehicle windows and lock your vehicles when you are not in them. NEVER keep anything of value in your vehicle. 
  • Remember that solicitors are required to register for a license with the City of Maryland Heights. If you suspect a solicitor does not have a permit, call us at 314-298-8700, extension 1. Please note that churches and non-profits are exempt from registration. 
While keeping the above tips in mind, safely having our doors and windows open allows us to see and hear things that are going on in our neighborhoods. This is the best crime prevention tool around! Be a good neighbor and if you notice any suspicious activity call us at 314-298-8700, extension 1. DO NOT put yourself in harm’s way, leave that to the police department. 

Stay safe!