Owner of Westport Plaza Proposes Multi-Family Residential Building

Westport Plaza’s owner, Lodging Hospitality Management Corp. is proposing a new development project on their property. The project would include a multi-family residential building with 254 units and a podium parking garage in a portion of the existing parking lot at 1300 Westport Plaza Drive. The property would include amenities such as a fitness center, yoga studio, market, dog park, and pool with an outdoor patio.

Westport Plaza opened in 1971 and quickly became a focal point for both business and entertainment. Originally, the 42-acre development included shopping, dining, and entertainment venues mixed with office buildings. The distinctive “gold tower” became a visible landmark. In 1973, the Sheraton Lakeside Chalet opened and three years later, its sister hotel - the Sheraton Westport Tower Hotel followed. 

Back in the early 1970s, companies were concerned that the Maryland Heights’ location was “too far west” but as other development continued to move farther in that direction, it was clear that Maryland Heights creates a prime location for businesses, residents and entertainment. “This will be a game-changing addition to Westport Plaza,” stated Mike Zeek, Director of Community Development. “It will make their property a true mixed use development and drive future improvement to this quintessential part of Maryland Heights.”
Construction is expected to commence this summer. To follow along with updates and to read about other projects, visit: marylandheights.com/activeprojects.