Recycling 411: Summer Edition

As you pack your bag for the pool, retrieve your cooler from storage and stock up on sunscreen, it’s important to remember some important things about what can and cannot be recycled through all the summertime fun. If you venture out of Maryland Heights, please note that other cities may handle their recycling differently. 

On the go: 

  • Purchase products that are reusable, compostable, or recyclable. Get a reusable water bottle and ditch the single-use plastic containers.
  • Locate the recycling bins while in parks, lakes and other public spaces. Follow the local recycling rules when utilizing the bins.
  • Have a plan to safely dispose of your trash when hiking. Please don’t leave your trash behind. 
  • Consider establishing a recycling container in your car for road trips. If you are unable to find a bin at a roadside stop, you can take these valuable materials to the next location so they can be properly disposed of. 
  • Don’t put any foam food containers or styrofoam coolers into recycling bins.
  • Don’t put plastic shopping bags into recycling bins. 
  • Don’t try to recycle any materials that have food or liquid residue. Remember to Empty. Clean. Dry. 
  • Broken beach chairs, towels, floating devices, fireworks, batteries and propane canisters can all cause serious injury to workers. They don’t belong in the recycling bins. 

At Home:

  • The plastic plant pots from gardening may not be recyclable. Check the bottom for a number. If it’s #6, put it in the trash!
  • Garden hoses are not recyclable and can cause some major jams in equipment if they make their way to the recycling center. 
  • If you have visitors over, place your recycling bin out besides your trash can. Make sure you tell guests what should go into trash and what can be recycled. 
  • One of the most common items that get mixed up in recycling during summer BBQs are disposable cups. Many varieties of these cups are created out of a type of plastic that is hard to reuse. Check the bottom of the cup. If it has a #6, it belongs in the trashcan. 
  • Republic Services will not pick up on the 4th of July. If you have route that falls on a Monday, plan to have a one day delay in services. 

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