How to Register to Vote for the Primary Election!

July 6th is the deadline to register for the primary election on August 2, 2022! Participating in elections is vital to the function of our society, and we want to help make this process as accessible as possible. To this end, we've assembled the steps needed in order for people to register below!
To register to vote, you can:
In order to be eligible to register, you must be:
  • At least 17.5 years of age at the time of registration, and 18 years of age when voting.
  • A US Citizen
  • A resident of the state that you are registering to vote in (i.e. you must be a Missouri resident to vote in St. Louis County).
You can also use TurboVote, an online voter registration tool that aims to help make the registration process of voting more streamlined and accessible.
To view a sample ballot, look up a polling place and other FAQs, visit