Best Friends Lemonade Stand Gives Back to The Community!

If you drove through the Brookside subdivision on June 30th, there’s a chance you might’ve seen a summer staple along your way at the Best Friends Lemonade Stand! The lemonades and snow cones they offer are far from a usual summer treat though - all the money they make goes back towards their community, supporting neighbors in need!
Best Friends started up in 2018 as a regular lemonade stand to help the kids earn extra pocket change, but a warm response from their neighbors convinced the families involved to turn the stand into a local fundraiser when it returned the next summer. Over the past 3 fundraisers, the stand has raised over $5000 for those in their neighborhood. This year, they focused their efforts on helping a young boy with hearing loss replace a lost hearing aid, a major out-of-pocket expense that will be heavily assisted by the $2500 donation that the family received from the donations collected.
The spirit of giving was in the air with the amount of positivity and generosity on display from all involved, including visits from the Maryland Heights Fire and Police Departments. While a couple major monetary donations were made, the vast majority of money earned was from the steady stream of Maryland Heights residents that visited, keeping spirits high as the kids got closer towards covering the cost of a full hearing aid replacement.
Keep an eye out around Brookside next summer for when Best Friends return to help out another family in need! Every penny counts, and these kids are passionate about doing a world of good year-after-year!
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