Maryland Heights Night Out - You're a Lucky Duck!

Our favorite time of the year, Maryland Heights Night Out (MHNO), is quickly approaching! This year's celebration will take place on Saturday, September 24. MHNO began in 1987 as a way to coincide with National Night Out, a community building campaign that took place across the entire country to promote connections between neighbors. However, MHNO quickly took on a life of its own, blossoming into a unique celebration of the character of our city, with block parties popping up all across Maryland Heights giving residents the chance to connect with old friends while making new ones along the way.

This year’s festivities return with an exciting new theme - ducks! We feel like a bunch of lucky ducks getting to bring our community together year-after-year, so we wanted to share that feeling in the most fun way possible. To celebrate, we’ll be hosting a scavenger hunt all across the city in the weeks leading up to MHNO where residents can seek out rubber ducks for the chance to win prizes! The scavenger hunts will begin on Wednesday, August 24 (one month before our block parties gather) at the Fun in the Park event hosted by Parks and Recreation at Vago Park. Further scavenger hunts will be revealed on our social media channels throughout the upcoming weeks. Ducks will also be hidden by staff on the night of MHNO at hosting block parties. 

We are also very excited to release a children's activity/coloring book, which will take kids on the journey of Lucky the Duck trying to find his way home in Maryland Heights. Staff will be handing the activity books out at block parties but copies will be made available for the Government and Community Centers.

Scavenger hunt fun starts early for the most eagle-eyed of our readers - if you email us at, subject line "Ducks on Cover" with the correct number of ducks included on the cover photo of this news story, we will award you free ice skating passes to the Centene Community Ice Center!  

Celebrate what it means to live in Maryland Heights by organizing your own block party. Registration is available at Through registration, you may request barricades to block off the street or get visits from MHPD (police K-9 visits are on a first come, first serve basis, which means that early registrations will be given priority in scheduling visits), fire districts, or elected officials. You may also request flyer invitations for you to pass out and giveaways for the kids at your block party. All party hosts will receive a party planning guide, which include games, activities and recipe ideas. 

In addition, city staff will be going mobile throughout the community on the night of the event! This includes members of our Parks and Recreation and Public Works teams, as well as other members of the Maryland Heights staff. If you have been to any of our recreation events or programs at the Community Center, you know that our recreation staff is bound to bring a great time wherever they go! The Street Department from Public Works is excited to return for this year’s MHNO with their trucks in tow, giving people young and old a chance to see how heavy duty work gets done. Our staff will be handing out swag at all the parties they visit, so don’t be shy when we’re around on the night of the event!

If you have not seen an invitation to a block party by September, it could mean that no one in your area is organizing one! Contact Communications Manager, Trisha Hall at here or (314) 738-2497 to find out where your closest block party is or if you have any questions about anything relating to MHNO.

We can’t wait to see friendly faces old and new at this year’s MHNO. Save the date - you won’t want to miss out!

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