Message from the Mayor - August/September 2022

Message from the Mayor - August/September 2022

Our summer is winding down. The kids will be returning to school at the end of August and the weather will (hopefully) get just a bit cooler. One of our favorite annual traditions is Maryland Heights Night Out. This year's theme is "Lucky Duck" and staff has so many fun things planned. More information can be found on by following us on social media, and at

Kids are not the only ones returning to school in the fall. Registration for Maryland Heights University (MHU) is currently open and I encourage residents to sign up to learn about how the City operates. If you'd like to become more involved in your community, this is a perfect way to find out how! Those who attend MHU are more likely to apply for a Board or Commission. The City views these groups of people invaluable and community input is what our town was founded on. We do have several vacancies on our Boards and Commissions. Read all about the variety of roles here.

And while we love all our fall traditions (MHNO, MHU, Halloween Parade, Fall Family Fair), we also welcome a variety of new programs and developments. Sustainability is not taken lightly these days, and the need to be self-sustainable is why we are exploring different options for energy, programming, and even revenue. The next election is November 8 and we'd like to supply our voters with as much education as possible. If you have any questions about the voting registration process, see our news story here! We also plan to cover several frequently asked questions about Use Tax that will be proposed on the November ballot, with more information coming soon here. It's important to exercise your right to vote and I encourage all our citizens to do so.

To further promote sustainability and the opportunity to obtain solar power, we are excited to partner with Ameren Missouri as part of their Neighborhood Solar program. In September, Ameren will begin the installation of multiple solar canopies on the parking lot between the Community Center and Aquaport. These canopies will shade vehicles parked at Aquaport on hot summer days, provide shelter during pop-up rainstorms in the spring time, and most importantly provide clean energy throughout our community. We'll have more information to share on this exciting new project in the near future - please stay tuned.

As always, stay safe!

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