Back to School Road Safety Tips

With school back in session, these road safety tips are important reminders to remember how to keep students (and yourself!) safe from harm.

Reduce Your Speed and Watch for Pedestrians - Be aware of school zones, and give yourself time and space to slow down and protect any pedestrians that may be around

Obey Crossing Guards - When crossing guards are posted, they have authority over all traffic in the area. Pay attention to their commands to keep the road safe.

Defer to Buses - When sharing the road with school buses, be prepared to make frequent stops. Do not attempt to pass buses, and wait until the roads are totally clear after a stop to resume driving. The photo on the below illustrates best practices for driving around buses.

bus safety cropped
Vehicles traveling on a two lane road MUST stop in both directions. Whereas vehicles traveling on roads with four lanes or roads separated by a barrier, only the vehicles behind the bus should stop. Vehicles driving the opposite direction should proceed with caution. 

Please keep these tips in mind when driving around buses - a safer community is a happier community!