Drug Prevention Program Brings Former NBA Star to Pattonville

This fall, the Maryland Heights Police Department sponsored two events for the Pattonville School District called The Herren Project with guest speaker Chris Herren. This drug prevention program promotes awareness and sparks honest discussions about substance abuse.   

Chris Herren was a basketball player for the Boston Celtics and was living his lifelong dream when a heroin addiction took control of his life. Herren began his drug addiction with alcohol at the age of 13, which escalated to heroin, causing him to overdose four times. He has been alcohol and drug-free since 2008. His recovery journey has been documented in the bestselling memoir, “Basketball Junkie,” the Emmy-nominated ESPN Film Documentary, “Unguarded” and in countless local, national, and international stories. In 2011, Herren founded the nonprofit Herren Project to provide the same kind of support he received when going through the recovery process. Herren travels the United States to share his story. Chris Herren was first invited to speak with Pattonville students in 2019 and the MHPD was happy to invite him back as a resource for prevention education. 

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