Winter is Coming - Park With Plows in Mind!

When winter weather strikes, our snow removal crews will be ready. But did you know that cars parked on the street are the most common hazard our snow plow drivers encounter while clearing streets? This is why it’s important for residents of Maryland Heights to keep their cars off the streets, especially in cul-de-sacs, during times of snow, sleet and freezing rain. Crews can clear snow and apply deicer more quickly when they're not maneuvering plows between parked cars. 

In addition, residents are encouraged to pre-clear “upstream” areas adjacent to their driveway in an effort to help minimize the amount of snow and ice deposited in front of their driveway (see diagram below). This will also help you avoid the dreaded “second shovel.”

The City’s snowplows are manned by crews from the Public Works and Parks and Recreation Departments. During weather events, employees are divided into two snow shifts which switch off every 12 hours until the snow event is complete. Drivers are assigned a route that they memorize and become familiar with. Throughout the year, crews make practice runs to get used to street widths, parking patterns, turns, curves, etc. This preparation ensures that plowing goes as smooth as possible when snow or ice falls. 

Residents with snow-related issues or questions may call the City at (314) 738- 2250, St. Louis County’s Department of Transportation and Public Works at (314) 615-8504 or MoDOT at (1-888) 275-6636.

Did you know that various parties throughout the region work together to maintain our streets? The street you live on can impact how quickly plows run, potholes are fixed, and other maintenance is served. We've listed the basics of who handles which street below - you can find a full map at!

City of Maryland Heights Public Works:
  • Residential streets
  • Collector streets
  • Most commercial and industrial streets in the Westport area

  • I-270 and I-70 
  • Route 364/Page Ave. 
  • Route 141/Maryland Heights Expressway 
  • Route 67/Lindbergh Blvd.
St. Louis County:
  • Ameling Rd. (East of Bennington) 
  • Bennington Place (south of Ameling) 
  • Creve Coeur Mill Rd.
  • (North of Prichard Farm) 
  • Dorsett Rd. 
  • Lackland Rd. 
  • Marine Ave. 
  • McKelvey Rd. 
  • Prichard Farm Rd. 
  • Schaefer Drive 
  • Schuetz Rd. 
  • Westline Industrial Dr. (West of Grissom) 
  • Westport Plaza Drive/Craig Rd.