Changes to Zoning Code Affects Home Based Businesses

The City Council’s strategic plan directs staff to revise regulations, where appropriate, to be more business friendly. This not only applies to the greater business community but to home occupations, as well. Home occupations, more commonly known as home-based businesses, are regulated by Article 22 of the City’s Zoning Code. The regulations provide for homes to be used for business purposes by their occupants, while limiting potential adverse impacts on neighborhood character. The City Council recently amended the Zoning Code to make it even easier to operate a home-based business. A business license is no longer required, nor is a home-based business inspection.  

The code sets the following limitations:
  • The business can only be owned and operated by the occupants of the dwelling.
  • The business cannot be visible from the street or give an outward appearance of a business.
  • No products may be displayed so they are visible outside the dwelling.
  • No outdoor storage of equipment is permitted (except for one trailer less than 22 feet in length).
  • The total number of employees and clients on site at any one time cannot exceed the dwelling’s occupancy limit.
  • No signs are allowed, except those which may be painted or affixed to a vehicle owned by the occupants.
  • Retail transactions may not generate a substantial increase in traffic or off-site parking.
  • Businesses must comply with all other local, county, state, and federal regulations.
The disadvantage of not requiring a license is that code enforcement has to take a more reactive approach. If residents operating home-based businesses fail to meet the parameters above, residents can reach out to the Department of Community Development at 314-291-6550 or complete a service request on the City’s website:

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