Group Swim Lessons!

Our Group Swim Lessons are back for 2023 and they are already filling up! Prepare your kids for summertime fun and enroll in one of our sessions! Please see the flow chart and the descriptions for each level to determine which one fits your child best. All swimmers will be assessed on the first day of class and put into the appropriate level. 

Baby Shark: (6-36 months – parent must be in the water with child)
Our Baby Shark group is the best place for infants and toddlers to become comfortable and familiar with the water! This class requires in-water parental assistance and focuses on acclimating the child to water with fun games, songs, and lots of splashing! We will also work on floating, blowing bubbles, kicking, getting comfortable with going underwater, and other swimming motions! 

Starfish: (3-4 years old)
Looking to increase your child’s in-water confidence and comfortability? In the Starfish class, each child can look forward to fun games to increase in-water independence and swimming abilities. This level focuses on front and back floating, jumping into the pool, basic swim strokes, and getting comfortable with going underwater—all with instructor support!

If enrolled in Baby Shark, a guardian will need to be in the water with the child and have proper swim attire. For the Starfish class, being in the water with your child is optional. 

Octopus: Level 1
Our Octopus class focuses on beginner stroke skills, water safety, and floating. While also working to increase the child’s in-water confidence and comfort, this level aims to teach swimmers how to kick on their backs and stomach, how to use their arms to propel themselves through the water, safe entry and exit of the pool, submersion to float techniques, and how to float on their backs—all with instructor support. This level is perfect for the swimmer who is ready to take that big jump into the pool to start learning more of the basic swim strokes!

Sea Turtle: Level 2
The Sea Turtle group is geared towards swimmers who have a good idea of the basic swim skills, but need a bit more time to practice them. This level will focus on increasing each swimmer’s in-water independence and confidence. Instructors will begin to introduce proper treading, freestyle, backstroke, and treading technique while ensuring swimmers master their independent front and back floats, kicking, and ability to go underwater with no fear.

Stingray: Level 3
Our Stingray class is perfect for those ready to further develop their strokes while working to increase their endurance. Instructors will work with each swimmer to improve their stroke technique and treading ability while also introducing rotary breathing, diving, breaststroke, and butterfly. The Stingray class aims to have each swimmer doing laps across the pool from end to end without any major stops, better technique on their elementary strokes, and jumping or diving into deep water!

Dolphin: Level 4
The Dolphin level is great for swimmers who want to perfect their techniques, increase their endurance, and prepare for the next level of swimming! Instructors will focus on improving each swimmer’s stroke and dive technique with skill drills and build endurance with distance targets each lesson. Flip turns and streamline starts will also be introduced.

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MHCC Swim Lessons Flowchart 2023 Final