Keep an Eye Out for Illegal Gaming!

Sports betting has been a recent topic of discussion for many legislators in Missouri. While currently not permitted by the state, sports betting encompasses bets made on sports teams in licensed facilities (such as casinos), on hardware in approved locations, or through sports playbook apps and websites. 

Despite the fact that sports betting is not illegal, many state agencies have noticed an increase of illegal gambling activities. This includes gambling on slot machines and video lottery terminals located in places such as gas stations, convenience stores, bars, fraternal organizations, and more. These unauthorized machines, also considered "gray games," are currently being considered as part of the legislation surrounding sports betting. However, at the time of publication it is illegal to gamble on unauthorized machines or through other unsanctioned means within the City of Maryland Heights.

Illegal gaming poses many issues to our community. Unregulated machines are frequently placed in locations that target minors and sensitive populations within our community. In addition, the untaxed revenue from these machines undercuts legal avenues for gaming, placing financial pressure on both legitimate gaming operations and municipalities, which could then harm our ability to provide public services as a result. 

In Maryland Heights, the only legal avenue for gaming is at Hollywood Casino. If you find illegal gambling machines outside of the Casino, you are encouraged to contact the state tip-line at (573) 526-4080. Reporting these illicit machines not only helps the City maintain quality services - it helps to ensure that gambling is handled in the safest, most enjoyable way for all involved!