Top Ten Tips When Visiting Local Parks

We love our parks and work hard to keep them nice for all to enjoy. Keep these tips in mind the next time you're heading out to enjoy some time in our local parks. For a description of all our local parks, see our page on Maryland Heights Parks and Trails!
1. Take your trash with you 

There are trashcans in every park, and they are emptied daily. Please don't leave any litter in the parks!

2. Don’t hurt the trees

Many of our trees are very young, and were just planted within the last year after several ash trees were affected by the invasive emerald ash borer. We know that sticks make great wands and dog toys - please use the sticks on the ground instead of pulling from trees!

3. Keep an eye on the kids while on the playground

Sometimes there are little patrons that want to run with the big kids. Teach your older children to look out for the younger generation. Be respectful of the equipment. 

4. Take only memories and leave only footsteps on the trails

On the Fee Fee Greenway especially, you are likely to encounter many different types of animals and plants. Be kind to the wildlife to ensure that it will be there for future observers. 

5. Being outdoors is good for you!

Being outdoors can improve your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. More time in the sun means more vitamin D, a lowered heart rate, strengthened immune system, increased energy levels, and a more regulated sleep pattern. It can also reduce your cortisol levels, increase your serotonin and help you clear your mind and find some peace and relaxation. Take a break from those screens and visit a park!

6. Bathrooms will be reopening

The restrooms located in Eise, Parkwood, and Vago parks will reopen on April 1st. Parents with young children can rejoice! “There is a plan for the next off-season to make portable toilets available in parks when our restrooms are closed through the winter,” states Superintendent of Parks, Charlie Milligan. Help us keep the restrooms clean and call the Parks and Recreation Department if a location requires attention.

7. Your local city park benefits your community

There are so many reasons to love your local greenspace. City parks provide access to recreational opportunities, increase property values, encourage active lifestyles, increase community engagement, and help clean the air!

8. Splash pads are POPULAR!

We love our splash pads, and they get pretty busy during the summertime! The City of Maryland Heights maintains two splash pads (one in Eise Park and one in Vago Park). Both are free to use and are fun for kids of all ages. Both splash pads are scheduled to open at the beginning of May, weather permitting. At Vago Park, we understand that mixing sand and water is a natural combination, but that type of play should be kept in a beach setting and NOT at the splash pad! When the sand from the volleyball area comes into contact with the splash pad, it clogs the filters and will cause the entire feature to shut down. If sand and water is your (or your kid’s) thing, we highly suggest visiting the Creve Coeur Lake beach. 

9. Don’t forget your essentials

If you plan on spending a few hours in the park, it’s best to think about what you may need while out and about. Water and sun protection are at the top of the list. You may also want to think about bringing snacks, a first aid kit, and a cell phone. If you happen to leave an item in a park, you can contact the Parks employee at (314) 738-2599, and they can check to see if it has been turned in. Lost items are usually kept in a secure area at the park. Any items of value will be turned in to the Maryland Heights Police Department. 

10. Be alert and respectful of others

Parks are common areas that we share with our neighbors. There are usually many children around. Pay attention to your surroundings and drive slowly when you are in the parking lots. Often times, we have employees working in the parks – whether it be a camp counselor with a group of kids or a maintenance crew mowing the grass. If you happen to see staff, please respect their space and allow them to focus on the tasks at hand.

We look forward in seeing you out and about. If there is something that needs attention, please call the Parks and Recreation Department at (314) 738-2599 and we will be able to get a Parks Maintenance employee to check it out! If you discover property damage or vandalism, please call the Maryland Heights Police Department at (314) 298-8700. If you have a life-threatening emergency, dial 9-1-1.

A tree is photographed on a bright summer day, with the sunlight beaming through the trees and creating a lens flare. In the background, bugs fly and people attend an outdoor concert