How to Take Care on Our Trails!

We're proud to have a number of beautiful trails located within Maryland Heights! Trails are a great space for exercise, recreation, or to simply serve as a space to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world around us. However, trails are at their best when the communities they serve go above and beyond to take care of them. With this in mind, we wanted to share some tips on trail etiquette so that everyone in Maryland Heights can get the most of the nature available to us!

Always Walk on the Right Side of the Trail

Much like using a road, "staying in your lane" on a trail by moving on the right side of the path reduces the risk of people bumping into each other. If you need to pass another trail user, clearly announce your presence to them and pass on the left, before returning to the right side of the path. Respecting the right of way keeps our trails safer for all who use them!

Keep Your Pets On a Leash

Trails are the perfect place to take dogs (or leash-friendly cats!) for a walk. As much as our pets may want to roam free and explore all the sights and smalls around them, however, they MUST remain leashed. An unleashed animal poses a risk to other visitors, the ecosystem of the trail, and is at risk of harm themselves. Please use a leash (at most 6 feet long) to keep your pets safe and to protect the trail around them!

Clean Up After Your Pets (and Yourself!)

Please be prepared to clean up after your pets while going on a walk! On top of being just plain gross, loose waste can attract unwanted critters to the trail path. Many trails in the area have trash cans located along the path. Don't forget to bring a bag for pet waste in case no cans are available! 

This tip extends to humans as well - please don't leave any trash behind after you are finished spending time on the trail!

Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

While it's tempting to disconnect from the world around us when we're in nature, it's important to be aware of your surroundings while using public trails. If listening to music, remember to keep the sound level low enough so that you can hear people (or vehicles) around you. In addition, prepare for the weather accordingly before heading out! Quickly checking the forecast to see if you need to do any extra prep before heading out can make or break your time spent on the trail. 

Cyclists - Wear a Helmet!

Trails are just as much for cyclists as pedestrians! However, cyclists have special considerations they should keep in mind before hitting the road. All cyclists should wear properly fitted helmets whenever they are riding. In addition to protecting your personal safety, this makes you more visible to others on the trail! 

Motorized Vehicles Are Not Allowed

In general, motorized vehicles are not allowed on trail paths. There are some exceptions to this - for example, motorized scooters used for accessibility purposes are allowed where paved trails can accommodate them. 

Don't Feed the Wildlife

While it's tempting to bring treats for the critters you may encounter on your walk, feeding the wildlife located along trails can be harmful to the ecosystem the trails belong to. Many animals cannot properly digest processed foods that humans enjoy, and the ready availability of food on the path can make animals more prone to gathering by the path - which can cause animals to compete with each other, damage the plant life surrounding the path, and attract unwanted animals to the trail ecosystems. Respect the environment our trails belong to by allowing our wildlife to eat naturally!

Above all else, please don't forget to enjoy nature when out and about! Our robust trail system highlights the natural beauty of our City, and these simple tips make our City safer, cleaner, and more environmentally mindful. For any further questions about trail etiquette, please email us at