Area's newest source of clean energy now generating in Maryland Heights

The future is bright at the Maryland Heights Community Center,
thanks in part to the completion of a new solar array in its parking lot. Made possible through Ameren
Missouri’s Neighborhood Solar Program, the array will provide more clean energy for the community at no
added cost to the city.
The canopy-style panels maximize existing space and add shade and weather protection for parking at the
community center without losing a single spot. Together, the 1,335 solar modules will provide about 500
kilowatts of energy per year, which is equivalent to the energy used by about 55 homes over that same time.
“Partnering with Ameren Missouri on this project was a win for Maryland Heights and the region,” said Mike
Moeller, mayor of Maryland Heights. “They handled the construction and did an excellent job of minimizing
impacts to regular operations during the installation process. Now we can all benefit from a new, renewable
source of energy for decades to come.”
Ameren Missouri’s Neighborhood Solar Program utilizes existing buildings, parking lots and land for solar
energy generation. It also creates local jobs and provides valuable training opportunities for not only the
initial installation, but for ongoing maintenance. Installations are currently under construction at Delmar
Divine in the city of St. Louis, and at Ameren-owned facilities in both north St. Louis city and Jefferson
“With the city of Maryland Heights, we have built one of the region’s highest-profile solar arrays to produce
clean energy, supporting the city’s sustainability efforts which will benefit the residents here and across
North County for years to come,” said Tara Oglesby, vice president of economic, community, and business
development at Ameren Missouri. “It’s also one of the most recent examples of the investments Ameren
Missouri has made in the region to upgrade aging infrastructure and modernize the energy grid through our
Smart Energy Plan.”
North County Incorporated recently presented Ameren Missouri with a Community Development Leadership
Award, recognizing the positive impact the project has already had on the region.
This development is a major milestone for the City of Maryland Heights, which has a multitude of
sustainability efforts currently underway. Another major public-private partnership for the City, the Waste
Connections Sustainability Center, is nearing completion, and will provide greenhouse space for Maryland
Heights as well as classroom space for educational programs. In addition, Maryland Heights is a proud
participant in the Tree City USA program and holds programming to educate residents of all ages on
environmentalism and sustainability.
The City of Maryland Heights and Ameren Missouri will be having a ribbon cutting on Thursday, May 25,
2023 at 9:00 a.m. on the north parking lot of the Maryland Heights Community Center, 2300 McKelvey
Road, Maryland Heights, MO 63043. Speakers from the City of Maryland Heights and Ameren will be
present to give more information about the project and future sustainability efforts. We invite the public and
the media to attend for more information.