Maryland Heights Police Join Neighbors by Ring

We are happy to announce another resource that is available to help make our community safer!

The Maryland Heights Police Department has recently joined the FREE Neighbors app by Ring. Since home video security camera systems are becoming more popular and accessible, Neighbors by Ring connects the network of cameras throughout the community and helps us provide another resource to communicate with our residents.

The app is specific to “Ring” doorbell cameras, but you do not need a Ring product to join. ANYONE can join Neighbors by Ring by downloading the free app from the app store on any of your devices. The app is designed to help communities stay informed about what is going on around them. You could be alerted, if you chose that option, of any safety alerts from other users within a radius of up to 5 miles from your home.

Anyone that joins the Neighbors app by Ring can post and share photos and videos of important crime and safety information, such as:

  • Criminal activity
  • Suspicious activity
  • Unknown visitors
  • Safety and lost pets

The Maryland Heights Police Department will be able to view ONLY the videos uploaded to the Neighbors app. You choose what content to share and control how you want to engage with other neighbors. The Neighbors app allows you to have all of the control and all of your information is private unless YOU decide to share it with us!

We may use the app to ask for your assistance with an investigation through the Neighbors app. Ring would then send out the request to those Ring device users that have video footage regarding a specific date and time frame. We will not be able to see who receives a request, who declines to share, or which users opted-out of future requests.

How does it work?

  • Download the Neighbors app by Ring (If you have Ring, you already have access).
  • Opt-in to join your neighborhood. 
  • Customize the geographic area you want to receive notifications for (users must verify where they are located and cannot participate in other neighborhoods)
  • Receive alerts from your neighbors, local law enforcement and the Ring team that inform of crime and safety alerts as they are shared.
  • View local crime and safety posts via a live feed or interactive map
  • Share text updates, photos and videos taken on any device.
  • Work with your community to make neighborhoods safer.

Please be aware that while we are excited to communicate with our residents via the Neighbors app, 911 should always be used in an emergency. You can also use our non-emergency number, (314) 298-8700, if you need immediate police assistance.

Stay Safe!
-Officer Terry Mancusi