Meet the Social Services Coordinator

Did you know that the City of Maryland Heights offers an array of community-oriented resources? As a part of the City's commitment to providing the best possible services to its residents, this includes assisting the most vulnerable members of our community however we can. With that in mind, the City employs a Social Services Coordinator - and we're excited to welcome a new employee to the position!

Ericka Jones is the new Social Services Coordinator for the City of Maryland Heights. In her position, she is the go-to person for anyone in need of additional resources during times of need. This may mean arranging for mental health resources and assisting members of the City Code Enforcement and Police Department teams to ensure the most meaningful support is offered to everyone in the City. Beyond this, Ericka hopes to be a consistent presence in Maryland Heights, and assist any member of the community however she can.

"I'm excited to be utilized!" said Ericka. "Being able to help individuals find resources, build upon what's already there, and finding ways to engage, advocate and empower others while in this position excites me."

Ericka has a strong background in local government. She has previously worked in administrative and legal roles in other area government agencies, providing resources and offering support as a part of her work. However, Ericka has long held a passion for social work - she has indirectly been assisting with social work for over 18 years, and directly providing case management services for over 3 years. In addition, she has a Bachelor's Degree in the field, and is on track to complete her Master's Degree in Social Work in Spring of 2024. "I have a passion for helping people," said Ericka, "so finding my niche in my career made taking this position the perfect opportunity!"

"I want to change the narrative that individuals may have with their local government" said Ericka. "I am here to be a resource, so if there are any needs that the public may have, I am always available to help."

Ericka can be reached by email here, or by phone at (314) 738-2233. In addition, a number of detailed community resources are available online anytime at These include resource packets on a variety of topics such as mental health, affordable healthcare, houselessness, and more. Welcome, Ericka!