Dogport Restoration Begins

Dog owners can let out a celebratory "Woof!" After an extensive planning period, we are excited to announce that construction has begun on the restoration of Dogport! The improved facility has a focus on mitigating future flood risk, in addition to the installation of new shade structures and concrete paths to provide greater accessibility for the entire space.

This four-acre park first opened in 2006 and has long since been a favorite location for our four legged friends up until last summer when a historical amount of rainfall caused flash flooding from nearby Fee Fee Creek. "After many meetings with FEMA and careful planning by the Parks Maintenance and Public Works teams, we are very excited to reopen Dogport," says Amy Hays, Director of Parks and Recreation. "Many of our residents loved getting their dogs together while they sit and relax knowing they are in a safe, contained area. Reopening Dogport was a priority for all us this summer."

The restored Dogport will have a slightly different look. Instead of the familiar pink granules that were all washed away during the flood, the City will be installing sod that can take high traffic. Also, a key fob system will be installed on the entrance, which will allow easier access for its members. This will also allow the Parks Department the ability to determine the least active times so they are able to sneak in and perform maintenance without disturbing any canines.

As the project is still in early stages, an exact date of completion is still developing. "We're hopeful to open later this fall," states Hays. "This is very much dependent on the weather for the rest of the season." To stay up-to-date on the project, please keep an eye out on the City's Capital Project Updates. These updates are available at For more information on how to join Dogport, call (314) 738-2599.