Local CERT Program Trains Citizens to Become Heroes

When emergencies arise, we look to our local fire and police departments. But what happens when the immediate response is overwhelmed? Good news! The Maryland Heights' CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) will be ready to spring into action! This group of dedicated volunteers care deeply about the safety of the community and are trained for when disaster strikes. There is currently a great need for trained citizens who are ready to heed that call - and our local CERT will be able to provide the training required!

Those interested in participating must be 18 years or older; however, Teen CERT programs do exist. Those who are interested will take a CERT Basic Training offered within the local area. This eight-week course is taught by first responders and prepares volunteers on what to do in the event of a crisis or disaster. Topics that are covered in Basic Training include: fire safety, search and rescue, team dynamics, and disaster medical operations. This training also includes a full-scale disaster exercise, so participants can put into practice what they learned.

This Basic Training course is offered at no cost with just a $9.00 registration fee. The next session begins the week of September 13. Once trained, our local Maryland Heights CERT meets on the first Thursday evening of every month. Teams continue their training, participate in various exercises, and develop relationships with local first responders.

If you are interested in joining the Maryland Heights CERT, contact the Maryland Heights' Fire District at https://mhfire.org/contact or (314) 298-4400.