Maryland Heights Receives Innovation Award for Waste Connections Sustainability Campus

On Wednesday, September 20th, the ribbon was cut on the long-awaited "Sustainability Project." Right next door to Pattonville High School at 2443 Creve Coeur Mill Road sits the Waste Connections Sustainability Campus (WCSC) on a five acre parcel of land that includes two greenhouses, one of which will be exclusively utilized by Pattonville High School's Life Science program, and an office space that will house Waste Connections, Forest ReLeaf, and Visit Maryland Heights, the City's tourism bureau.

This project was recently honored with the Innovation Award by the Missouri Municipal League (MML) signifying its potential as a case study for other communities. 

The Missouri Municipal League operates as an independent, statewide, not-for-profit organization focused on advancing the interests of Missouri's municipalities. The organization plays a vital role in encouraging novel ideas and progress within local communities. The Innovation Award, a much respected accolade, acknowledges municipal programs or projects that have exhibited creativity in tackling critical municipal issues. To qualify for this recognition, municipalities must be members of the MML, with only one entry per city being considered. Nominated programs or projects must either be completed or have a proven track record, underscoring their long-term sustainability. 

While the WCSC is already the City's testament to forward thinking environmental initiatives, there is still much to be discovered in the project's future phases. Right now, the building sits as a blank canvas and conversations are taking place to approach the next wave of opportunities. There is a shared sense of hope surrounding these plans, as future phases may involve showcasing renewable energy practices, establishing a community garden, and integration of trails that would allow visitors a glimpse into the world of solid waste services and the efforts that Champ Landfill is taking to become a more sustainable place. Lastly, educational programming for both youth and adults may be in the pipeline, which will offer individuals a chance to gain insights and skills to lead more eco-conscious lives. 

The construction of this facility and receiving the Innovation Award signifies a milestone for Maryland Heights. This collaborative project between Waste Connections and the city is poised to become a stewardship for sustainability and we are looking forward to watching it grow! 

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