What to Know When Visiting Your Neighborhood Parks

Are you ready to head out and enjoy some time in our local parks? Our City staff works hard to keep them nice for all to enjoy throughout the season! Please keep these tips in mind the next time you visit.

Don't forget your essentials.
Don't leave empty handed. In the summer heat, it is important to remember to bring plenty of water and sunscreen with you to the parks. Consider also bringing snacks, a first aid kit, and a cell phone just in case.

If you leave something behind...
If you leave an item in one of our parks, please contact our Parks department at (314) 738-2599 to see if the item has been found or turned in. Found items are securely stored at the parks. Valuables may be turned into the Maryland Heights Police Department.

Take your trash with you.
Do your part to keep our parks clean! Place all trash in park trash cans. These bins are emptied daily,

Don't hurt the trees.
There are many young trees growing throughout our parks. We know sticks make great toys for pets and the imagination of children. Please refrain from damaging or pulling limbs off trees. Instead, opt for sticks that are already on the ground.

Keep an eye on the kids!
Be sure to keep a close eye on your child and others to make sure they are being respectful to others and the equipment. Teach older children to help look out for the younger ones. It is also important to drive slowly in the parking lots!

Take only memories and leave only footsteps on the trails.
When you encounter animals and plants as you explore our parks and trails, let them be. Be kind to the wildlife so it can grow and so others can enjoy its beauty.

Be alert and respectful of others.
Please remember to respect everyone's enjoyment of the parks and be a kind, helpful neighbor to all. If you see one of our many staff members around the parks, please respect their space and allow them to focus on their job.

Bathrooms have reopened.
Bathrooms located at Eise, Parkwood, and Vago Parks have reopened on April 1. Be respectful and help keep our bathrooms clean for all guests. If a location requires attention, please call our Parks and Recreation Department at (314) 738-2599.

Splash pads are popular!
We love our splash pads! Located at Eise and Vago Parks, these summertime attractions are fun for all ages. Help us maintain these local hot-spots by respecting our equipment and keeping all sand from the volleyball areas away from the splash zone.
Splash pads will reopen on May 15.

Being outdoors is good for you!
Studies show being outdoors improves both your physical and mental well-being. Take a break from the screens and pay a visit to one of our local parks.

We can't want to see you all enjoy our neighborhood parks this summer!