Celebrating Police Officer Achievements

PD s2024 awards retouched-49 - croppedThis spring, Chief Bill Carson presented select police officers and dispatchers with Letters of Excellence, Letters of Commendation, and the annual Officer of the Year award. These staff members were recognized for their outstanding performance and service to the community.

The recognized employees include:
Police Officer Jarred Anderson
Dispatcher Jennifer Anderson 
Corporal Mark Fedak
Police Officer Avery Fischer
Police Officer Dominic Frasca
Police Officer Matthew Fry 
Dispatcher Shannon Harris
Police Officer Larry Jerrod 
Police Officer Jeff King
Detective Andrew Lucca
Dispatcher Mason Lutz
Police Officer Chandler Martin
Police Officer Andrew Neece 
Police Officer Alexander Romas 
Dispatcher James Schnurr 
Detective Chris Silliman
Detective Sam Stark
Police Officer Joseph Stocker
Police Officer Erica Stough 
Police Officer Kenneth Westcott
Dispatcher Melissa Wilson

The 2023 Officer of the Year was awarded to Police Officer Nick Scott.

The MHPD also proudly celebrated the rank promotions of four officers this spring. These promotions come as a result of dedicated service and excellent performance.

The officers promoted include:
  • Sergeant Sean Fanning promoted to Lieutenant
  • Corporal Matt Rovang promoted to Sergeant
  • Lead Detective Shane Monnig promoted to Sergeant
  • Detective Kevin Gregory promoted to Corporal