Maryland Heights Receives "Leading the Way" Award

City is recognized nationally by ETC Institute as ranking in the top 10% of all local governments in the United States in regards to composite performance for resident satisfaction.

During the Fall of 2019, ETC Institute administered a community survey to randomly selected Maryland Heights residents. Residents were encouraged to participate by returning the survey in a postage-paid return envelope or complete an online version of the survey. The goal was to receive at least 400 completed surveys. We achieved that goal and received 411 household surveys.

The “Leading the Way” award was created by ETC to recognize local governments for outstanding achievement in the delivery of services to residents. Recipients of this award rank in the top 10% of all local governments in the United States with regard to their composite performance in three core areas:

• Satisfaction with the overall quality of services
• Satisfaction with customer service provided by employees, and
• Satisfaction with the value residents think they receive for local taxes and fees.

In addition to ranking top 10% overall, Maryland Heights also received the highest satisfaction rating among more than 200 communities between August 2019 and July 2020 in the areas listed below:
• Parks and Recreation Facilities and Programs (#1 Rating Among All Communities)
• Overall Value of Services Provided to Residents
• Availability of Information About Government Services and Activities
• Condition of Neighborhood Streets and Sidewalks
• Customer Service
• Effectiveness of Communication
• Efforts of Local Government to Keep Residents Informed about Local Issues
• Enforcement of Local Traffic Laws
• How Quickly Police Respond to Emergencies
• Maintenance of City Streets and Sidewalks
• Maintenance of Public Buildings and Facilities
• Overall Image and Appearance of the City
• Overall Quality of Governmental Services
• Snow Removal of Major City Streets
• Stormwater Management/Flood Control
• The Level of Public Involvement in Local Decision Making

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