A Message from Mayor Moeller - February

Relationships are at the heart of every strong community. During times of uncertainty, these connections give us the courage and resilience to overcome obstacles and feelings such as fear, grief and doubt. Through our collective power, we can get through difficult situations together. Time and again, this has proven true in Maryland Heights as it has experienced trials and tribulations throughout the years. February 24th marks one year since the horrific shooting at the Maryland Heights Community Center where we lost a much loved employee, Maria Lucas.

The community made it through those dark days following the tragedy by processing their grief together and providing comfort and kindness to one another. The City intends to hold a memorial for Maria to honor her public service and legacy as soon as we can safely gather in large crowds. Throughout her life, Maria touched many people and we want to provide an opportunity for them to participate. As the COVID-19 situation and public safety protocols evolve, please look for updates on the city’s website, social media accounts and publications.

It’s important that we are there for each other as a community all the time, not just during times of tragedy. Acts of kindness need not be grandiose, but small gestures that make up everyday life. If it snows, consider shoveling a senior neighbor’s walk and driveway. If you’re running errands, consider picking up some groceries or a prescription order for a home-bound neighbor. The isolation caused by quarantining and COVID-19 safety measures can be devastating, especially

to those who do not utilize digital means. Simply reaching out and calling a friend, family member or neighbor that you haven’t seen or talked to in a while can make a huge difference for both of you. Perhaps send a greeting card or note to let them know that you’re thinking of them. Many of these actions don’t take much money, just a bit of your time to help make someone’s life a little easier and better.

In an effort to provide events that give the community a reason to get out of the house or just something to look forward to, the City has retooled existing programs to make them COVID-safe. Many events require registration while others have become drive-thru based. In order to keep everyone safe and bring back a favorite tradition among our senior residents, the City Council and I are changing the St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon to have participants drive-thru the Community Center parking lot and pick-up a corned beef and cabbage boxed lunch from their vehicles. As usual, registration is required and our residents ages 62 and older will be served by members of the City Council and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission. Masks will be required for everyone. Please visit the Parks and Recreation page for more information. We hope you can join us in celebrating our longtime and mature residents!

Through good and bad times, Maryland Heights is a community that is always there for each other. We know that standing still and staying to ourselves won’t get us anywhere. By supporting each other, we will move forward together. Our community’s resilience is based on interconnection, not independence. Let’s show each other some neighborly love and concern this February and throughout the year.