A Message from Mayor Moeller - April

It's hard to believe that the Good Friday tornadoes occurred ten years ago this April 22. I can still remember that night - the severe storms, the property damage and most importantly, the high level of neighborly support.

In the darkness, residents emerged from their basements with their flashlights to check on their neighbors. Residents showed up to help with chainsaws and rakes to clear brush.

City and fire district staffs quickly mobilized to address injuries, safety issues, downed trees and blocked roadways. Additionally, communities across the region provided mutual aid for everything from fire and police to forestry, street maintenance and inspections for safe occupancy.

The Maryland Heights community came together like never before. As mayor, I am always proud of this community, but in the aftermath of this disaster, I was truly humbled by the level of cooperation and care shown both locally and regionally.

Miraculously, there were no deaths reported from the storm damage in our community. We were incredibly fortunate for this and our ability to provide the services and support to help the community cope. Through good times and bad, this community is here for each other.

We're excited to be bringing back our popular Volunteer Service Day to  assist elderly and disabled residents with yard work. This event is a great way to give back and gain service hours. Click here for information about signing up.

Safety is another aspect of life that requires cooperation and joint effort among neighbors. The Maryland Heights Police Department is working to expand the number of Neighborhood Watch programs throughout the City. Neighborhoods and subdivisions are encouraged to establish or restart in-person and/or digital Neighborhood Watch programs. There are many home security and camera systems available that enhance the effectiveness of such programs. These systems are much more affordable and accessible than they used to be.

With more eyes and cameras on the street, unusual and potentially criminal activity is more likely to be noticed and more quickly reported to police. If you see something, say something. The safety and well-being of your neighbors could depend on it. For more information on starting a Neighborhood Watch program, click here or email Officer Mancusi.

Another approach to community safety is one of public health. The COVID-19 vaccine is making its way into more arms every week, which is very encouraging and will help to bring normalcy back to our lives. To receive the vaccine, you must pre-register through St. Louis County or health care providers. Click here for more information. 

Join me in congratulating Councilman Ed Dirck on his retirement and twenty-seven years of service. Ed has so much to be proud of and we wish him the best as he spends more time with his family. To read more about Councilman Dirck's journey, click here.

Maryland Heights is a strong community. In times of adversity or celebration, we come together, get things done and move forward as one community.